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What you should know before enrolling in this course

  • Basic knowledge of C++
  • Understand basic constructs of C++, such as functions & classes

After finishing this course, you'll be able to

  • Understand the syntax of function templates & classes
  • Understand the inner working of templates
  • Write your own generic algorithms and classes

Course Overview

C++ templates are used for creating high performance algorithms and classes. Most of the high performance libraries, such as Active Template Library, Windows Template Library, Adaptive Communication Environment, etc, have been implemented through C++ templates.

Templates are a challenge for any novice C++ programmer. But, this course will help you understand the syntax of templates. It gently takes you through the basics and then slowly builds upon the advanced concepts such as specialization, variadic templates, etc. All the concepts are explained with examples in Visual Studio, but will work in any C++11 compiler.

Have fun learning templates!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Function Templates

    • Prerequisites

    • Introduction

    • Exercise

    • Argument Deduction

    • Explicit Specialization

    • Nontype Template Arguments

    • Exercise

    • Perfect Forwarding - I

    • Perfect Forwarding - II

    • Variadic Templates - I

    • Variadic Templates - II

    • Course Review

  • 2

    Class Templates

    • Class Templates

    • Explicit Specialization - I

    • Explicit Specialization - II

    • Partial Specialization

    • Alias Templates

    • Exercise

    • Before you go...

About the instructor

Owner at Poash Technologies

Umar Lone

Civil engineer who found his calling in software development. Never worked as a Civil engineer, jumped at the first chance and started teaching C++, Visual C++ & COM 18 years ago. Currently, trains software professionals in various IT companies in India in different technologies, such as C++, Advanced C++, STL, Design Patterns, Android, Unity, Linux, etc. Very passionate about teaching and has trained more than 25,000 software professionals in a teaching career spanning more than 18 years. An avid gamer, currently trying his hand with game development in Unity & Unreal. Has a few Android applications to his credit, including one on Design Patterns. Only thing he likes more than C++ is Modern C++.

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